Henry Pozzetta

Software Engineering, Digital Product Management, Agile Coaching

My goal: Improve your organization's ability to move and change direction, quickly and with ease. I improve team performance with progressive adoption of agile best practices with lean servant leadership principles. My focus is the key metrics of fast flow, increased feedback and continuous improvement. Experience shows these traits are best achieved with ordered backlogs, self-organized teams and working, proven outcomes.

I’m a student of agile organizations and thought leaders, a life-long technology nerd and most often an INTP (TiNe). I see every conversation as an opportunity to learn. To paraphrase Emerson: "every person I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from them." I'm fortunate to have worked in great teams and for great leaders. As a coach I measure the speed of success from now to the time of team self-reliance.

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